Director Sales, Beiersdorf AG

In my work and life, my experience has always been that differences drive inspiration and growth, rather than creating barriers or conflicts. A wide range of research shows that diversity brings many advantages to organizations, including, but not limited to, more successful innovation, stronger governance, better problem-solving, and increased profitability.

At Beiersdorf, our primary assets are our brands and ideas. We have consumers all over the world. To continually keep our brands and products relevant across a global market, we need diverse approaches, perspectives, and sources of inspiration. Good ideas will be made better with input and feedback from different perspectives.

If you want to change something, first start to change yourself. We should stop discussing who is responsible? Is it mothers not wanting to make career, is it not enough child care support, is it the taxation systems which encourages inequalities? Stop waiting, start to drive the change.

Companies that value diversity will adapt most successfully to the challenges and changes we currently face in terms of consumers’ values, habits, and shopping behavior. Our investment in diversity is an investment in the readiness and agility of our company.

I support the Impact of Diversity as their collaborative and empowering approach for companies and people who want to drive change. They are creating exchange formats, think tanks and motivating awards to appreciate Diversity & Inclusion achievements to create a better future for all of us.

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